An artistic, tasteful creation is always a delight to the eyes of the beholders, mesmerizing them and taking them into a world of newer realms that were undiscovered. The Melange range is a tasteful blend of materials and colors, crafted to create a splendid drama in the culinary world of your home.


Inspired from the frozen crystal glaciers which are nature’s most magnificent creations, the Glacier Range from Cuisine Régale is the finest mix of customized materials, technology and cutting edge design. It is crafted with glass as an integral part of the design to accentuate the sophistication it encompasses


Vibrant and young, the Neue range embodies the freshness that is abundant in its nature. The range oozes freshness in its design and colors which are inspired by nature. The Neue Range is blend of elegance and styles, crafted to liven up the home.